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Top Plastering Home Improvement Tips

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Plastering is a common technique used in home improvement projects to achieve a smooth and even finish on walls and […]

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How to Insulate Slopped Roof Ceiling Edges From the Attic

Learn how to fix a house with a gently sloping roof and little to no insulation at the eaves, with […]

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How to identify a Persian Rug

The bad news is that it is impossible for the layperson to discern between a genuine Persian hand knotted rug and a copy made in India, Pakistan, or China. This situation has allowed many dealers to pull the wool – no pun intended – over buyers’ eyes over the years and to pass copies off as the real thing, and in the process making huge profits.

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Which Shutters Are Best For Your House?

The most common type of shutter and probably the best shutter for your home is the Plantation shutter and below we compare the different types of plantation shutter available.

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