Which Shutters Are Best For Your House?

The most common type of shutter and probably the best shutter for your home is the Plantation shutter and below we compare the different types of plantation shutter available.

Compared to your more traditional window curtains, Plantation shutters come in a variety of options and materials. Adjustable louvres offer a greater variety in how much natural light you want in your room and also giving you as much privacy as you prefer. Compared to fitting blinds shutters are a lot easier to fit and less likely to lose any of its originality. Mike Smith, sales manager of Diamond Shutters, a leading installer of window shutters in Kent, says planation shutters are by far the most popular form of shutters soled today.

BUT not all plantation shutters are the same. The come in different heights, materials and layers. The three materials most commonly used for shutters are wood, vinyl, and composite. Each material has its own advantages and benefits so let’s take a look

Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Vinyl plantation shutters are made of polyvinyl chloride plastic otherwise known to you and I as PVC.  This is a lightweight material that’s significantly less expensive than wood, making vinyl a more cost-effective option for most homes.

Vinyl is durable, able to resist scratches and marks that might otherwise mark the normal wooden shutter. It is also highly resistant to humidity, wet weather, and water. This means that it can be the perfect choice for environments where water is to be expected, such as your kitchen or bathroom. It is also an extremely good option for homes that tend to open-up their doors to the outside more often than most.

Despite its plus points vinyl is not best suited for covering larger windows.

Wood Plantation Shutters

The most common Plantation shutter is the wood plantation shutter, but as with all wood furniture, they need to be looked after and maintained. For one, wood is significantly stronger than vinyl, making it a better fit for long, single units that don’t require any additional supports. The natural aesthetic of wood is a major selling point

While wood needs more work to last longer, it is also a lot more versatile than vinyl. It can be repainted and re-varnished every time you want to change its look or its colour. Simple.

There are a lot of different woods to choose from, each with their own properties, strengths and weaknesses. So it’s always best to take a careful look at the wood before buying.

Composite Plantation Shutters

If you’re looking for the middle ground between wood and vinyl then composite plantation shutters are the shutter for you. Made from imitation wood, which is a mix of different grains alongside wax to give it a very similar strength to pure wood but at a lower cost. This imitation wood is then covered with PVC. the same material that your vinyl shutters are made from.

Composite plantation shutters have a mix of both the other options’ qualities both sturdy and has same structural integrity as wood shutters, it also has the waterproof, humidity-resistant qualities of vinyl and is easy to maintain. It’s a cost-effective alternative to wood, but it still has a few weaknesses of its own. They can’t be repainted or redesigned and they lack that authentic appeal of wood. But if you are looking for a more contemporary feel than these are the ideal shutters for you.

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