Hip To Gable Loft Conversions In Fulham

Why put yourself through the upheaval and expense of moving? There’s an easier way to gain that extra living room you desire. Tap into the wasted room in your home. Wake up to a burst of sunlight in your new ensuite bedroom. Create the office you desperately need.

More and more Fulham home owners are discovering that moving up is better than moving out. In parts of Fulham as many as 4 in 10 homes have loft renovations.

An attic extension is a savvy way to invest in your house. Your family benefit by gaining additional living space. It adds value to your home.

Let there be light

Loft space can be the brightest area in your home. More light bursts in through a small skylight than from a large side window.

Can my roof be adapted?

It’s a myth that roofs with three sloping sides cannot be converted. This Loft Conversion is the practical solution for homes such as; end terraces, semis, detached houses, chalets and bungalows.

Solves lack of attic space

This attic extension will dramatically increase even a relatively small room in your loft. Small spaces have huge potential. They just need imagination and clever planning.

How will you use your new space?

This extension is the perfect place for an ensuite master bedroom, an extra bathroom, an office, games room or a second living room.

A sweeping staircase

A Hip to Gable extension gives a more seamless staircase fitting.

What is a Hip to Gable loft conversion?

Houses such as end terraces, semis and detached houses usually have a hipped roof. A hipped roof is a roof that has three sides (hips) which slant downwards. One of these hips can be turned into a vertical wall called a gable.
This extension basically replaces the sloping side of a roof with wall.

Detached properties can have a double Hip to Gable extension. Two slanting sides of the roof are replaced by gables.
These extensions mean that houses with ‘difficult roofs’ don’t miss out. Planning permission is often not needed due to Permitted Development Rights.

If your construction does need planning permission we take care of it.

Why choose This Loft Extension?

  • Maximises available space
  • Blends seamlessly into your home
  • Looks stunning inside and out
  • Finished to match your existing property
  • Multiple uses
  • Ideal for bungalows and chalets
  • A full size staircase

The elite choice for esteemed homes

Owning a detached house doesn’t mean you can’t benefit from an attic extension. This conversion gives you the extra living space you yearn for.

Friends and colleagues may not have homes suitable for this conversion. Doesn’t that make you feel a little bit special?

A Hip to Gable is a little more expensive than a Dormer. It will add greater value to your prestigious home.

We are a local company committed to preserving Fulham’s architectural character

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