Fitted Wardrobes – Best Approaches Maintaining Continued Great Looks

Having a fitted wardrobe installed is an immediate win. These wonderful pieces of furniture maximise the use of space in your room and increase your living area immediately. They also help with adding perceived value when selling a house. Many buyers have had the experience of looking at floor plans, measuring out the bedroom space and then discovering that they do not actually have the room they expected. If there are no fitted wardrobes it can be a shock to find out just how much space free standing wardrobes take up especially if you have to allow for doors that open outwards. This is reflected by such studies as the one carried out by which listed storage space as a key factor for a value add to premises.

The advantages of having a wardrobe that fits perfectly in your bedroom, flush with the walls, are many and clear. They include things like ease of cleaning since there is no heavy furniture to get behind and no corners you cannot get the vacuum into, optimising the use of the space you have taking 100% advantage and great looks that work perfectly with your room if the façade is custom built. So yes, the benefits are self-evident but what about the longevity of the furniture? Walking into a room that was once the showpiece of the house but then being faced with a wall of dated looking, battered and out of vogue storage doors can be a real disappointment and will keep dragging the eye back to the offensive view.

We asked Gary Lowes, a designer at Floor to Ceiling Fitted Furniture, how in his experience you can avoid your pride and joy becoming an eyesore fifteen years later for example.

“It is amazing just how many people forget that you can change the whole look and feel of your fitted wardrobe. We get many customers coming in for the initial fitting to make space and as part of our service we have found they love it when we reach out and remind them of how they can touch up the vibe later. We have a whole range of stuff we can do.”

It certainly was an eye opener for us when Gary showed us the range of options available to transform an existing built in bedroom wardrobe. Some of them minor tweaks while others were a lot more radical and had not been on our radar at all until they were presented to us.

One of the radical choices is to go fully open plan. Remove the doors of the fitted wardrobe entirely. When doing this you may want to add additional shelving or rearrange slightly. This is probably only viable if you are going to maintain a really tidy interior.

Tied in with the above adjustment some people also choose to rearrange the room layout and have the bed essentially made a part of the open wardrobe, so the storage is built around it. This can look very eye catching.

Slightly less major surgery would be to replace the doors. If the doors currently open outwards sliding doors can create even more space and a different look. When replacing the doors they can be replaced with full length mirrors giving the convenience of having mirrors everywhere, adding more light to the room and giving the impression of much more space so a triple whammy.

It may be that you choose to hide the doors entirely by running curtains in front of them.

At the very least every few years as well as touching up the paint it is an idea to review whether you want to replace handles, knobs, and any other fittings on the wardrobes to give a fresher look.

Hopefully, this has given you some great ideas on keeping your fitted wardrobes current. The options are there.

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